WFM 5th Anniversary and Summer Market

Five years ago this week, the Westover Farmers Market rang its opening bell.  Five! Years! Can you believe it?

The market has seen a few changes since that first summer – some new vendors, some new configurations, and an ever changing cast of musical acts. But week in and week out it has served up the freshest produce and goodies. It has provided friends and neighbors a good excuse for a Sunday morning meet-up, rain or shine. And slowly but surely it has become part of the neighborhood fabric.

This Sunday, May 7, the market reverts to its the summer schedule, from 8 am to noon. Please remember that the summer market occupies much of N. McKinley St., permitting northbound traffic only into the parking lot behind the Westover shopping center.

So come on down and help celebrate the 5th anniversary.  See you at the market!

2 thoughts on “WFM 5th Anniversary and Summer Market

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  2. This is a happy time to look back at the positive growth within the Westover area of Arlington over the past 5 years. The farmers market is a physical manifestation of the rising community spirit in this part of the county. But on a more practical level, it’s the fine locally sourced food and produce and the great vendors at the market that account for the market’s success!

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