Visit the winter market at Westover, Sundays, 9 am to 1 pm, December thru April.  (Note, the summer market operates 8 am to 12 pm (noon), May thru November).  We are located at the corner of Washington Blvd. and N. McKinley Rd. in Arlington, Virginia.  Street address is 1644 N. McKinley Road.  Check out our WFM winter market map to locate your favorite vendors.

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Job Description – Market Promotional Events Coordinator

Job Description:  Field to Table (FTT) is looking for an individual to work with several of our Farmers Markets to develop, plan and manage promotional events / activities.   Promotional events would be carried out at the market location and may be associated with the time of year (i.e. spring strawberry festival, July 4th holiday, etc.), educational in nature (i.e. health awareness, farming, etc.), or be focused on particular demographic groups (i.e. children, Federal Employees, etc.).  

The individual would be expected to meet with the market managers to develop a plan of events for the season and work to implement the event plan by coordinating with the market manager and outside organizations.  Work would include, but is not limited to:

  • Develop a schedule of events for the year
  • Contact and coordinate with third parties related to the event as needed
  • Work with the specific market managers and community volunteers regarding space, timing, and other logistics
  • Provide on-site, day-of-event support as needed
  • Provide feedback / lessons learned after the conclusion of the event

The ideal candidate would have prior work (volunteer or paid) organizing group activities / promotional events. 

Location of Work / Level of Effort:  Position would be considered a part time consultant.   The planning and development of promotional activities can be done anywhere and working hours would be flexible.   The events would take place at the market location, on Saturday or Sunday morning (dependent on the market).   Workload in 2019 would involve 12 – 15 events over the course of six months (May through October) with the assumption that the level of effort for each event would be roughly 8 – 10 hours. 

Pay:   $20 – 25 / hour depending on experience

About Field to Table (FTT):  FTT is an Arlington-based, non-profit organization dedicated to building communities throughout Northern Virginia through the encouragement of healthy eating. The organization is part of the nationwide “locavore” movement, which encourages people to reestablish their relationship with the land and purchase from local farmers and food preparers. The emphasis is on nutrition, taste, quality and freshness in what we buy, not on the misguided values of mass production, long shelf life, and long-distance transportation that drive so much of what is sold as food in the United States. FTT table currently manages four different Farmers Markets, Westover Farmers Market – the organization’s original market, Fairlington Farmers Market in South Arlington, the Marymount Farmers Market on the main campus of Marymount University, and the Lubber Run Market at Barrett Elementary School.

Contact:  Ted Stump, theodore.m.stump@gmail.com or 571-213-6847

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