New Vendors X 2

Two weeks ago Marion’s Smart Delights began selling gluten-free, allergen-free, Kosher, and vegan baked goods. They are baked with gluten-free certified, Kosher certified mixes that include nutritious whole grains, that are reduced in sugar, low sodium and uniquely delicious. Marion’s is the place to shop if you want cookies, muffins, lemon bars and other goodies without worrying about gluten, allergens, or unhealthy amounts of sugar and sodium.

Last Sunday we welcomed this year’s cut flower vendor to our market. Good Gardener (Amy Gardner DeGood) comes to us from Madison County, Virginia. Good Gardener specializes in locally and sustainably-grown flowers. Good Gardener offers more than 30 varieties of flowers, harvested by hand at just the right time to “stay in your vase fresh.” Take home the fun and color of your local farmer’s market every week from June through October, and enjoy all of the benefits that fresh cut flowers bring to your home.

Both Marion’s Smart Delights and Good Gardener are located on the plaza area of our market. Check out what they have to offer!