Some vendors have their own sites for preorders.
Vendor-Run preorder pages:
Atwaters . Barajas Produce . Black Rock Orchard . BrainSnac . The Fermented Pig . Great Valley Farms . King Mushrooms . Number1Sons . Ozfeka Catering . Rustiq Bakery . Spring Valley Farm . Starstead Farm . Twin Springs Fruit Farms
Smith Family Farms — call or text Leigh Smith at 571-220-0017

Local developer provides the Westover to Go pre-order page allowing you to shop with multiple vendors on one order. Each vendor will have your order waiting for you at their booth.

Westover to Go (participating vendors):
Ana’s Twist . Cold Country Salmon . Dimitri Olive Farms . DMV Empanadas. Faerie Springs Farm . Family of Nuts . Great Valley Farms . Hog Haven Farm . J’aime Madeleine . Paella to Go . Pasta Il Gatto . Sexy Vegie

Pick up your orders from vendor booths on Sunday morning. Have your confirmation handy. Do your shopping early!