Why Eat Local?

There are many reasons to buy from local independent farms:

Get better quality – a larger share of the money you spend on locally grown food pays for the quality, freshness, taste and nutrition of the food rather than the cost of getting the food to you (packaging and transport).

Eat a greater variety of foods – Small independent farms grow a wide variety of foods, helping to maintain biodiversity.

Preserve a livable climate – Most produce in your grocery store has flown or been driven long distances. Eating locally cuts greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.

Prevent suburban sprawl – Supporting local farmers means encouraging land in your region to stay in agricultural use.

Keep pesticides out of the Chesapeake Bay watershed – Local independent farms use fewer chemicals than large industrial farms.

Know your farmer – Knowing where your food comes from allows you to make informed and responsible food choices.

Local independent farms are more efficient –They typically produce more food per acre of land than large industrial farms.

Local farms don’t draw down tax dollars – The bulk of public subsidies are paid to large industrial agricultural producers.

Local farmers create jobs – Local independent farmers provide jobs to local people, and help support local small businesses by buying goods and services from their communities.

Local farmers treat their workers with care – Farm workers are treated with respect, receive a fair wage, and work in a safe environment.

It’s trendy – Chefs, foodies, parents, students and many others are discovering the benefits of buying locally grown products. Come join us on the cutting edge!