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Vendor Spotlight: Atwater’s

Romaine25Indicates vendor participates in both Summer and Winter markets.
Catonsville, MD
Our traditional approach to food and our friendships with local farmers are what define us. We love sharing our commitment to great-tasting, healthy food with you. At Atwater’s, everything we make is crafted by hand with fresh, local, and often times organic ingredients. Applying time-honored techniques and traditional methods is what we do best.

Romaine25Baguette RepublicBaguette
Sterling, VA
We are a traditional wholesale artisan bakery producing a large variety of artisan breads, pastries and cookies using the best European techniques and tradition.

Balsamo’s Family Kitchen
Dale City, VA
Since its inception, Balsamo’s Family Kitchen has always been committed to producing the highest quality, gourmet salad dressings. We make everything in small batches using only the highest quality, freshest, and best tasting ingredients with nothing artificial, no preservatives and zero trans-fat.  Every person at Balsamo’s Family Kitchen has the same passion and commitment to bring your family the very best products available. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations with our dressing’s quality taste and use of fresh ingredients. So the next time you open a bottle of Balsamo’s Family Kitchen salad dressing we hope you experience our Homemade Taste & Hometown Goodness!

Bigg Riggs FarmBiggRigg
Augusta, WV
The idea for Bigg Riggs Farm was born in the sandy deserts of Iraq in 2003 during Calvin Riggleman’s first deployment with the U.S. Marine Corps. His fellow comrades became fascinated during a conversation by the farm his family has owned for five generations, and gave him encouragement and some tips (for example, selling at the farmer’s market and capturing fresh seasonal fruit flavors in a jar). In fact, his family has been farming within a few miles of the farm for eight generations. His great-grandfather planted the first trees in the 1930s at the current farm location, which proved to be an excellent choice due to its rocky soil and good drainage. In 1940, he set up the first fruit stand opened on old U.S. Route 50 between Romney, WV, and Winchester, VA. The farm now has a 60-acre orchard and a four-acre vegetable garden, producing a variety of home-grown produce and homemade preserved products such as jars of apple butter and hot pepper jelly, all made only with natural ingredients. Calvin’s jarred products, vegetables, and fruits can be found at the Crystal City’s FRESHFARM Market and FRESHFARM Market, by the White House. They can also be found at other farmers markets, select Whole Foods Market locations, other locally owned businesses, and the West Virginia fruit stand where it all began. For more information, visit

Romaine25Black Rock OrchardBlackRock
Lineboro, MD
Black Rock Orchard is located in Carroll County, Maryland, on the Pennsylvania line. Our claim to local fame is an original Mason Dixon mile marker located in the plums. We work hard to offer a wide variety of tree fruit and berries, including raspberries, sour cherries, gooseberries, blueberries, pluots, apricots, peaches, plums, pears and an insane number of apples varieties, including both traditional and modern cultivars. A customer looking for Stayman Winesap or Ida Red and a customer looking for Pink Lady or Gold Rush apples would be equally satisfied. Specialty greenhouse tomatoes, heirloom peppers and purple pole beans help us extend our season. The owners, David Hochheimer and Emily Zaas, support one family and employ 3 additional full time workers all year. Lindsay Krone is our farm and market manager. You can find Black Rock Orchard at farmers markets in the N. Virginia, DC, Baltimore area, and a few area restaurants.

Bonita Woods Wellness Institute Bonita
Falls Church, VA
Small choices you make throughout each day impact how you enjoy your life for all your days! Bonita Woods Wellness Institute is a non-profit nutrition and wellness education center located in the heart of Falls Church City, Virginia. We provide a variety of free and affordable programs, services and healthfully gluten free Yum Treats. We teach our clients to take charge of their personal wellness and well-being. The better educated you are on how your body functions and what you need to live your life with optimum health, the better you can make use of the health and wellness resources available to you. We coordinate programs with many local doctors, counselors and healthcare facilities. We believe that the better you understand yourself and your wellness needs, the better you can manage your well-being and the total quality of your life.

Romaine25Cold Country SalmonColdCountry
Zion Crossroads, VA
Cold Country Salmon is a small scale set net operation fishing the crystal clear blue waters of Bristol Bay Alaska. Local owner/fisherman Zac Culbertson lives just outside of Charlottesville where, when not fishing, he runs a small acreage family farm. Every June hes head to Bristol Bay to fish on the Ugashik river. Our season lasts from mid June til the end of July with the peak occurring in Mid July. While we fish we are constantly selecting the very best of our catch to bring home to sell to our customers throughout Virginia and D.C. The fish that we select are immediately bled on board our skiff, filleted and packed in ice. On shore we immediately package and freeze our salmon. This very special handling process is what sets our fish apart from any other wild caught salmon available on the market. Literally nobody in the industry has such exacting standards. This is why we designate our fish as “Beyond Sushi Grade”.

Romaine25El Tenedor de Nacho
Germantown, MD
We made the most delicious EMPANADAS(chicken,beef,cheese & more) AND DESERTS OUR GOAL IS PROVIDE A UNIQUE FLAVOR FOR ALL OUR CUSTOMERS.

Fresh Joseph’s
Alexandria, VA
Fresh Joseph’s has been selling fresh squeezed orange juice in local farmers markets since the mid-’80s. We sell the OJ in containers for take home and also squeeze and sell cups on site. Other products include hummus, fresh mozzarella cheese, scones, fresh macaroons and other delights.

Romaine25Gina’s Pacific Jam and Jellies
Woodbridge, VA
We create handcrafted Jams and jellies from the finest organic and finest ingredients. Since they are crafted in small batches and always fresh, we are able to guarantee their superior quality. Gina come from a long line of cooks, chefs, and restaurant owners so she is a natural in the kitchen and has been jamming since her Home Economics days on her family farm in the Philippines. So sample her product and experience the bliss of Gina’s pacific jams and Jellies.

Romaine25Grace’s Pastries
Herndon, VA
Grace’s Pastries has been in existence for over 25+ years provided baked goods to the metropolitan area. Graces has used her baking knowledge to provide fun flavor combinations and tasty treats for us all to enjoy! —

Kiwi KuisineKiwi
Alexandria, VA
Wholesale bakery based in Alexandria, VA making NZ style savory pies. Some of the favorites are Roast Lamb, Chicken Curry, Steak & Guinness, and Spicy Veggie. Also available are fresh veggie and juice blends – most popular is Kiwi Monster. Yum!

Livin’ the Pie LifePie
Arlington, VA
We are Heather Sheire and Wendy MacCallum, two Arlington Moms who bake like your Mom used to or at least like you wish she had. Our pies are all 100% handmade by from scratch by us. We pair our buttery, flaky, mouth-watering crust with delicious locally-sourced ingredients to make the best pie you’ve ever tasted. Also, we bake with the environment in mind. Our package our freshly-made pies in a 100% recyclable box and bake them in a real reusable aluminum tin that you can keep or return for a $1 rebate. That makes our pie 100% recyclable from the box to the tin.

Lois’s Produce
Montross, VA
We, Lois and Gary Allensworth started raising vegetables in 1983 with one acre of tomatoes to raise money to put braces on our oldest daughter, Stacey’s, teeth. We have two other children, Danny and Cindy, and they all worked on the farm in the beginning. There is also four grandchildren, Grace, Ava, William, and Elsa. We currently farm on 110 acres of land that has been in Gary’s family since 1882 and trade as LOIS’S PRODUCE LLC. The farm is losated on the Rappahannock River in Westmoreland County Virginia about 1.5 miles down river from Leedstown. We grow a large variety of main stream vegetables starting with asparagus, onions, radishes, and strawberries in the spring and ending in late fall with Sweet Potatoes, broccoli, caulifliwer, cabbage and etc.. During the growing season we have green beans, yellow beans, lima beans, english peas, blackeye peas, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, sweet corn, pepper, eggplant, and elephant garlic among other items. Lois’s Produce is one of the largest growers of elephant garlic in Virginia. We retail our products in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area at six different farmers markets. We also sell our products to a number of brokers, grocery stores, and chefs.

Romaine25Mama’s Donut Bites
Gainsville, VA
We specialize in made to order donuts. Our product is made fresh while you wait. We alter our flavors seasonally, and only provide one flavor a day, but our Apple Cider donuts are a fan favorite, and a staple! We also will change our flavors based on customer request!

Margaret’s Soul Food & Catering
Arlington, VA
margaret’s soul food
BBQ Ribs Pulled Pork Beef Brisket Fried Fish Fried Chicken Jerk Chicken Curry Chicken Hamburgers Hot dogs Mac Cheese Green Bean Collard Bake Beans Cole Slaw P Salad

Midsommar Farm, LLCMidsommar
Lovettsville, VA
Midsommar Farm is a family-owned flower farm at the base of Short Hill Mountain in Lovettsville, Virginia. We are Certified Naturally Grown which means that we use organic methods and do not use harsh chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. We grow using sustainable methods that nurture the soil (we are very fond of worms) and we hand cut fresh blooms right before they are brought to the local market. We also sell our handmade all-natural soap and potpourri.

Monroe Bay Winery
Falls Church , VA
We are a farm winery located near Colonial Beach, Virginia about 1 hour SE of Arlington. Our goal is to produce locally grown high quality wines and bakery products while delivery our company values of “restore”, “recycle” and “relax”.

Romaine25Number One Sons No1
Alexandria, VA
Number 1 Sons is a brother and sister team in Arlington, VA making barrel fermented foods. They work to combine regional ingredients with traditional fermentation methods and recipes from diverse cultures. Look for the giant pickle at our stand and come crunch on kimchi, kraut, pickles and other fermented foods with us!

Ole Pioneer’s KitchenOlePioneer
Vienna, VA
In 2005, after retiring I founded “Ole Pioneer’s Kitchen”. I had a few recipes my father gave me in 1968 when I came to this country to raise my family. They belonged to my grandfather. I adhered to the following rules to give my customers the opportunity to eat the same way my grandparents did. Through all this years I added new items to my menu to delight my customers. Our products are made and packaged in our own kitchen; no *private labeling. * Private Label: a commercial processing plant makes a product and puts its customer’s (distributor’s) business name on the labels. All products are made with meats from local Virginia Farmers. These farmers produce free range livestock which is naturally lean, no steroids or hormones. We produce every week in small batches (50 pounds or less) to assure freshness, free of preservatives, colorants, fillers, and added fat.

Penn Farm
Colonial Beach, VA
Here at Penn Farm/ Norma’s produce we start early every year to get the fresh produce in your home most of the year. We, The Beltran family, put in the hard work and long hours to make sure all our produce is fresh and with great taste, and deliver them to you at each of these farmers markets

imgproxy Romaine25Shamali
Falls Church, VA
Shamali’s offers fresh homemade made to order hummus.

Romaine25Shenandoah  Seasonal
Millwood, VA
Shenandoah Seasonal is a family farm growing chemical free vegetables, specialty greens, herbs, flowers and pasture-rasied, GMO-free eggs. We provide farm fresh products throughout all four seasons.

Romaine25Silver Box Baked Goods
Sterling, VA
Silver Box Baking is a baked goods company, focusing on classic recipes using locally sourced farm fresh fruits and vegetables to create an upscale and delicious product line. Products include breakfast breads and muffins, Croustades, Cakes, and cookies.

Romaine25Smith Family FarmSmithFam
Gainesville, VA
Smith Family Farm is a 5th generation working farm, for years now we’ve produced healthy, great tasting grass-fed meat(s) i.e., pastured beef, pastured pork, pastured turkey, pastured lamb, pastured poultry and our laying hens are on fresh grazing land as well, eggs are large brown. Humanely raised and handled. No antibiotics, No hormones or steroids, and No commercial fertilizers or pesticide. There’s a reason our Meats taste better… and is better for you; we don’t take shortcuts, we don’t rush the process, and our cows, hogs, turkeys, sheep, and chickens don’t do drugs! We’re USDA inspected. We’re also a Virginia Quality-Assured Beef Producer. Smith Family Farm, started by Artemus Ward Smith before 1900, has been owned and operated by the same family for more than 100 years, claiming Prince William County’s only Century Farm. Today, Brad and Leigh Smith farm the 211 acres, as well as over 1,500 additional acres of pasture land and crop fields, growing hay and raising grass-fed beef, pork, sheep, chickens, turkeys and free range eggs. What we get… Over the years we have developed amazing relationships with people through doing business on our farm. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that our friends and neighbors trust our products which are better for you, better for the animals, and better for the land and world we all share. We are committed to raising the best farm products available…We do not take shortcuts, we do not rush the process, we farm the old fashion way. The fact that our animals are treated humanely, not given any form of drugs, makes the meat healthier for you and your family. . We do not force feed our animals; we allow them to grow in their natural environment at their own natural pace. We love raising our animals in an environmentally friendly way and promoting sustainable agriculture. Together we will be sustaining agriculture in Northern Virginia; this is an amazing feat in itself The farm has been owned & operated by my family for more than 100 years, claiming Prince William County’s only “Century Farm,” and certified as Virginia Quality-Assured Beef.

Romaine25Spriggs Delight Farm
Sharpsburg, MD
We are a small family run bussiness. We have been making goat cheese for close to 10 years and selling it for 6. The farm is in Sharpsburg MD and sits on a hillside above the Potomac river on a farm that dates back to the 1700s.

Romaine25Spring Valley Farm and OrchardSpringValley
Augusta, WV
Spring Valley Farm and Orchard is located in the rolling hills and valleys of Augusta, WV. Owners Eli and Misty Cook manage their 345 acre with the fundamentals of Integrated Pest Management and sustainable agriculture. A family operated business and hands on approach insure every product going to market is handled with care from the field — to the packing shed — and ultimately to market. Spring Valley has a state of the art 10,000 square foot packing facility that meets stringent standards for food safety and cooling. The farm is 100 percent irrigated, so even in dry conditions Spring Valley’s products is juicy and flavorful. Our orchards span 200 acres and our produce fields go as far as the eye can see. As most farms go dormant in the winter time, Spring Valley stays green — producing many specialty greens in our nine heated greenhouses. We also specialize in using the Earth’s solar heat to produce crops all winter long. Spring Valley Farm and Orchard: Fresh from the ground, year-round.

The Compost CrewCompostCrew
Silver Spring, MD
The Compost Crew is an at-home pick-up service for your food scraps. Rather than incinerating all of your organic waste and thereby releasing methane gas into the atmosphere, our crewmembers may have their food scraps collected weekly, and composted at a local farm. Most of the finished compost is used by our partner farm, but customers may request a portion of the their contribution back to use as they please. We provide an odor and rodent sealed bin and compostable bags to minimize the mess. All you have to do is separate!

Romaine25Twin Springs Fruit Farm
Ortanna, PA
Twin Springs was started in 1979, growing tree fruit in Adams County PA., which has the world’s best orchard “ground.” We soon started marketing at farmer’s markets in the DC – Northern Virginia area, and have grown with these markets over the last 30 years. We now grow not only a huge assortment of tree fruit but also many berry and vegetable crops as well; always trying to find how to grow the best of everything from strawberries and tomatoes to peaches and carrots.

McLean, VA
twogoodavocados company is engaged in preparation of avocado-based spreads. We use locally-sourced and organic ingredients to make a fresh and spicy accompaniment for your breads, tacos, and bagels. We are starting with a basic greek yogurt avocado spread and plan to launch more flavors soon.

Romaine25Whitmore FarmWitmore
Emmitsburg, MD
Whitmore farm raises pastured pork, eggs and grass fed lamb. We also raise a small amount of seasonal vegetables, cut flowers and starter plants. We are located in Frederick County, Maryland outside the town of Emmitsburg.

Romaine25Indicates vendor participates in both Summer and Winter markets.
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