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Abitas (Guajillo)Falls Church, VA
Authentic family owned Mexican Restaurant and catering



Catonsville, MD
Our traditional approach to food and our friendships with local farmers are what define us. We love sharing our commitment to great-tasting, healthy food with you. At Atwater’s, everything we make is crafted by hand with fresh, local, and often times organic ingredients. Applying time-honored techniques and traditional methods is what we do best.

Romaine25Baguette RepublicBaguette
Sterling, VA
We are a traditional wholesale artisan bakery producing a large variety of artisan breads, pastries and cookies using the best European techniques and tradition.

Romaine25Black Rock OrchardBlackRock
Lineboro, MD
Black Rock Orchard is located in Carroll County, Maryland, on the Pennsylvania line. Our claim to local fame is an original Mason Dixon mile marker located in the plums. We work hard to offer a wide variety of tree fruit and berries, including raspberries, sour cherries, gooseberries, blueberries, pluots, apricots, peaches, plums, pears and an insane number of apples varieties, including both traditional and modern cultivars. A customer looking for Stayman Winesap or Ida Red and a customer looking for Pink Lady or Gold Rush apples would be equally satisfied. Specialty greenhouse tomatoes, heirloom peppers and purple pole beans help us extend our season. The owners, David Hochheimer and Emily Zaas, support one family and employ 3 additional full time workers all year. Lindsay Krone is our farm and market manager. You can find Black Rock Orchard at farmers markets in the N. Virginia, DC, Baltimore area, and a few area restaurants.


Cold Country SalmonColdCountry
Zion Crossroads, VA
Cold Country Salmon is a small scale set net operation fishing the crystal clear blue waters of Bristol Bay Alaska. Local owner/fisherman Zac Culbertson lives just outside of Charlottesville where, when not fishing, he runs a small acreage family farm. Every June hes head to Bristol Bay to fish on the Ugashik river. Our season lasts from mid June til the end of July with the peak occurring in Mid July. While we fish we are constantly selecting the very best of our catch to bring home to sell to our customers throughout Virginia and D.C. The fish that we select are immediately bled on board our skiff, filleted and packed in ice. On shore we immediately package and freeze our salmon. This very special handling process is what sets our fish apart from any other wild caught salmon available on the market. Literally nobody in the industry has such exacting standards. This is why we designate our fish as “Beyond Sushi Grade”.

Dimitri Olive FarmsDimitri Olive Farm
Baltimore, MD
We at Dimitri Olive Farms take great pride and care in growing, harvesting, pressing and distributing our own First-Cold Pressed Unfiltered Extra Virgin Oil throughout the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia area. Our olives and oil come directly from our 100 year old olive farm off the Mediterranean coast, in Sparta, Greece. At our store in downtown Baltimore, MD we regularly infuse our oil with roasted garlic, lemon, chili and rosemary and various other flavors. This is also where we infuse and cure our olives with a variety of fresh herbs and flavors such as lemon, orange, and chili. For over 100 years the Dimitri Giannakos Family has been producing the finest unfiltered extra virgin olive oil at the foothills of Mt. Taygetos. We believe that filtering and refining olive oil rips out the heart of the ancient fruit. We choose a natural and slow filtration process to ensure the purest of olive oils, rich in flavor, and naturally low in acidity. Nestled along the backdrop of idyllic green slopes and steep fir-covered hills, our family’s farm is located just 20 kilometers south of Sparta and 20 kilometers north of the southern Mediterranean coast.

Romaine25DMV Empanadas
Germantown, MD
We made the most delicious EMPANADAS(chicken,beef,cheese & more) AND DESERTS OUR GOAL IS PROVIDE A UNIQUE FLAVOR FOR ALL OUR CUSTOMERS.

Gina’s Pacific Jam and Jellies
Woodbridge, VA
We create handcrafted Jams and jellies from the finest organic and finest ingredients. Since they are crafted in small batches and always fresh, we are able to guarantee their superior quality. Gina come from a long line of cooks, chefs, and restaurant owners so she is a natural in the kitchen and has been jamming since her Home Economics days on her family farm in the Philippines. So sample her product and experience the bliss of Gina’s pacific jams and Jellies.

Great Valley Farms, LLC
Mt. Jackson, VA
A family-owned small business located in the beautiful mountains of the Shenandoah County implementing sustainable farming practices and specializing in fresh organically grown produce, canned goods (pickles, pickled vegetables, jams, butters, jellies, sauces, and salsas), dried fruits and vegetables, and dried and fresh herbs.

Romaine25Holly Brook Farm
Berryville, VA
Holly Brook Farm is located in Berryville, Virginia and is owned and operated by Mike and Laurel Burner. The Burners come from farming families and raising naturally grown, good, healthy food is in their blood. We raise heritage pork (Large black X Herefords) , lambs (Kathadins and Dorpers),pastured chickens (broilers and egg layers), goats, rabbits (Flemish, NZ, Argents), heritage turkeys, ducks (eggs and meat) and rose veal (raised on the cow). This is an opportunity to connect you with where your food comes from, Holly Brook Farm believes in being a steward of land by using the natural fertilizer from the animals and rotating the species through the pasture. All animals are raised like our ancestors before us, humanely with no added hormones, no antibiotics, GMO free feed (from a local farmer) and the ability to enjoy the Vitamin D from the sun.

Kiwi KuisineKiwi
Alexandria, VA
Wholesale bakery based in Alexandria, VA making NZ style savory pies. Some of the favorites are Roast Lamb, Chicken Curry, Steak & Guinness, and Spicy Veggie. Also available are fresh veggie and juice blends – most popular is Kiwi Monster. Yum!

Linda Vista Farm
Montross , VA
Family Farm growing Fresh produce, locally grown in the northern neck with over 30 years experience. Specializing in oriental and Mexican produce.

Romaine25Mama’s Donut Bites
Gainsville, VA
We specialize in made to order donuts. Our product is made fresh while you wait. We alter our flavors seasonally, and only provide one flavor a day, but our Apple Cider donuts are a fan favorite, and a staple! We also will change our flavors based on customer request!

Mesisam The Ethiopian Eatery
Washington, DC
Taste of Ethiopia consists of Vegetable and mild or spicy meat dish, usually in the form of wat ( also W’et or Wot), a thick stew served atop injera, a large sourdough flatbread made out of fermented teff flour Ethiopian injera to scoop bites of the entree and side dishes, for Ethiopian cosine utensils are optional

Number One Sons No1
Alexandria, VA
Number 1 Sons is a brother and sister team in Arlington, VA making barrel fermented foods. They work to combine regional ingredients with traditional fermentation methods and recipes from diverse cultures. Look for the giant pickle at our stand and come crunch on kimchi, kraut, pickles and other fermented foods with us!

Arlington, VA
We are offering you Mediterranean Cuisine selections. All are delicious, healthy and homemade. For your special events, we can shape your menu together and this menu is going to be loved by your guests for a long time. Birthday parties, baby showers , special dinners, brunches , finger food based parties and more…

Penn Farm
Colonial Beach, VA
Here at Penn Farm/ Norma’s produce we start early every year to get the fresh produce in your home most of the year. We, The Beltran family, put in the hard work and long hours to make sure all our produce is fresh and with great taste, and deliver them to you at each of these farmers markets

Prufrock Artisanal Goods & Services
Stafford, VA
Prufrock provides It’s customers with restaurant quality meals at a fraction of the price, and with the convenience of simply reheating then at home.



Falls Church, VA
Shamali’s offers fresh homemade made to order hummus.



Romaine25Smith Family FarmSmithFam
Gainesville, VA
Smith Family Farm is a 5th generation working farm, for years now we’ve produced healthy, great tasting grass-fed meat(s) i.e., pastured beef, pastured pork, pastured turkey, pastured lamb, pastured poultry and our laying hens are on fresh grazing land as well, eggs are large brown. Humanely raised and handled. No antibiotics, No hormones or steroids, and No commercial fertilizers or pesticide. There’s a reason our Meats taste better… and is better for you; we don’t take shortcuts, we don’t rush the process, and our cows, hogs, turkeys, sheep, and chickens don’t do drugs! We’re USDA inspected. We’re also a Virginia Quality-Assured Beef Producer. Smith Family Farm, started by Artemus Ward Smith before 1900, has been owned and operated by the same family for more than 100 years, claiming Prince William County’s only Century Farm. Today, Brad and Leigh Smith farm the 211 acres, as well as over 1,500 additional acres of pasture land and crop fields, growing hay and raising grass-fed beef, pork, sheep, chickens, turkeys and free range eggs. What we get… Over the years we have developed amazing relationships with people through doing business on our farm. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that our friends and neighbors trust our products which are better for you, better for the animals, and better for the land and world we all share. We are committed to raising the best farm products available…We do not take shortcuts, we do not rush the process, we farm the old fashion way. The fact that our animals are treated humanely, not given any form of drugs, makes the meat healthier for you and your family. . We do not force feed our animals; we allow them to grow in their natural environment at their own natural pace. We love raising our animals in an environmentally friendly way and promoting sustainable agriculture. Together we will be sustaining agriculture in Northern Virginia; this is an amazing feat in itself The farm has been owned & operated by my family for more than 100 years, claiming Prince William County’s only “Century Farm,” and certified as Virginia Quality-Assured Beef.

Romaine25Spriggs Delight Farm
Sharpsburg, MD
We are a small family run business. We have been making goat cheese for close to 10 years and selling it for 6. The farm is in Sharpsburg MD and sits on a hillside above the Potomac river on a farm that dates back to the 1700s.

Romaine25Spring Valley Farm and OrchardSpringValley
Augusta, WV
Spring Valley Farm and Orchard is located in the rolling hills and valleys of Augusta, WV. Owners Eli and Misty Cook manage their 345 acre with the fundamentals of Integrated Pest Management and sustainable agriculture. A family operated business and hands on approach insure every product going to market is handled with care from the field — to the packing shed — and ultimately to market. Spring Valley has a state of the art 10,000 square foot packing facility that meets stringent standards for food safety and cooling. The farm is 100 percent irrigated, so even in dry conditions Spring Valley’s products is juicy and flavorful. Our orchards span 200 acres and our produce fields go as far as the eye can see. As most farms go dormant in the winter time, Spring Valley stays green — producing many specialty greens in our nine heated greenhouses. We also specialize in using the Earth’s solar heat to produce crops all winter long. Spring Valley Farm and Orchard: Fresh from the ground, year-round.

Starstead Farm
Rixeyville, VA
Starstead Farm is located in Rixeyville, VA. We produce a wide variety of foods, with a focus on fresh vegetables and an eye toward interesting and delicious cultivars. We achieve high production on small acreage by using low-till methods and permanent raised beds, while foregoing pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Our vegetables, seedlings, flowers and mushrooms are Certified Organic. Our laying hens roost in mobile coops and free range on 10 acres of pasture all year and every day, from dawn ‘til dusk.

Sunnyside Farm and Orchards
Charlestown, WV
Jim Huyett’s 245-acre Sunnyside Farm and Orchards in Charles Town, WV, has been in the Huyett family since the 1850s. Over the years, the land has supported cattle, sheep, corn, wheat and fruit. Since the mid-1980s Jim and his wife, Barbara, have been phasing out apple production and increasing their acres of vegetables and peaches. ‘Farming is a roller-coaster ride of emotions,’ says Jim, who uses sustainable-agriculture practices on his farm. Sunnyside sells at the Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom and By the White House FRESHFARM Markets, and at farmer’s markets in VA.

The Fermented Pig
Lorton, VA
We maker hand crafted kombucha (bottled), bacon and charcuterie.


Romaine25Twin Springs Fruit Farm
Ortanna, PA
Twin Springs was started in 1979, growing tree fruit in Adams County PA., which has the world’s best orchard “ground.” We soon started marketing at farmer’s markets in the DC – Northern Virginia area, and have grown with these markets over the last 30 years. We now grow not only a huge assortment of tree fruit but also many berry and vegetable crops as well; always trying to find how to grow the best of everything from strawberries and tomatoes to peaches and carrots.

Romaine25Indicates vendor participates in at least part of the Winter Market.
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