Amazing Day at Westover Farmers Market

Wow. Just wow. What an amazing first day for Westover Farmers Market. We are so excited by the community response. The first day exceeded all of our wildest imaginations. We had 14 vendors selling all manner of delectables–so quickly that many vendors had exhausted their supplies by 10 AM. They promise to bring more next week. Many volunteers came out to help make the first day a success. And we also heard great support from Westover merchants, and certainly appreciate their patience as we iron out the wrinkles. And, of course, there was an unbelievable number of patrons. How many, you wonder? Well, we’re not quite sure, but we exhausted our supply of 1000 market info flyers by 11 AM. Thanks to everyone for such a great day. The only thing that can make it better is to see you all again next Sunday. Check back soon for updates – we’ll start to profile our vendors, provide updates on what you can expect at the market each week, and keep you current with all the latest WFM news.

0 thoughts on “Amazing Day at Westover Farmers Market

  1. had a lovely dinner tonight courtesy of the market – pork chops, asparagus and onions on the grill. fresh eggs to look forward to for breakfast. cardamom coffee at arax and a beer at the bier garden, what more could we ask for on a lovely sunday morning.

  2. Will there be any future vendors providing organic or ecoorganic products?

  3. The market was awesome!! It was even better than I had expected and imagined. I had silently dreamed of a farmer’s market in Westover (that I could walk to) for a while. I thank and congratulate the people that made this happen. You deserve a lot of thanks and kudos for your work. I will look forward to going to the market every Sunday. Wonderful food and wonderful way for me to meet up with people in my community.

  4. I am thrilled to have a farmers market within walking distance, and thoroughly enjoyed shopping during the inaugural weekend! I was at first dismayed that dogs were not allowed (I arrived with pug Bella), but discovered that I could walk the perimeter on the library side of the street. From this vantage point, I could easily see what the vendors had to offer. And when I needed to go in for a closer look or to make a purchase, I attached Bella’s leash to a bench or fencing. I’ll be a regular attendee.

    • PLEASE – it’s a food market. leave the dogs at home. it drives me crazy that all our local markets have signs saying no dogs that are routinely ignored. would you expect to bring the beast into a supermarket?

  5. No need to be mean Irene. People love their dogs – and should be able to come NEAR the market without entering the food area – if they’re out for a walk with their doggie. However gigantic scary dogs that are not well supervised – and might be left unattended leashed to a sign – is not a good idea. Leave your rotweilers and mastifs at home people. And if you do bring a dog – leave it on the perimeter with a person – not tied to a pole. That’s not a good pet ownership practice – at all.