July 1 Market

Crazy storm last night. We know many Westover residents are still without power. Some of our vendors also are recovering. But we intend to go ahead with the market tomorrow and will look forward to seeing you there!

The Search for Organic

Many market patrons have asked whether any of the current vendors at the Westover Farmers Market are organic producers. To the best of our knowledge, no. Organic producers are a special subset of the local field to table movement. The term refers more to the techniques organic farmers have adopted to live more gently on the land by using crop rotation, regular addition of organic materials to the soil, and minimal use of chemical fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides on crops. To be certified as an organic producer takes a great deal of time and money–a daunting task for many smaller, local growers. We are looking for a local organic fruit and vegetable producer to add to our farmers market. If you know of such a vendor in the area who might be interested, please contact us with your suggestion.

Even if the market’s current vendors are not certified organic producers, many do follow a number of the practices of organic farming. If you are concerned about pesticides, for example, ask them which current vegetables from their farms or fruit from their orchards are pesticide free. Pesticide and fungicide use varies widely from crop to crop, so it’s worth inquiring!