Apples for Feds

We’re taught that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But lemons do not grow within 125 miles of Arlington, except perhaps within the halls of Congress. So local fruit growers who sell at the Westover Farmers Market have agreed to donate apples to federal workers living in the area. “In some parts of the country there seems to be little respect for federal employees,” notes Rob Swennes, WFM’s market manager. “But here, near the center of U.S. government, we know better and have great respect for our friends and neighbors who work for Uncle Sam.”

This Sunday, Oct. 6 farmers market volunteers will hand out apples to anyone (essential or not) who shows their federal I.D. or a federal agency business card. “It’s part of American lore that school kids will bring an apple to a favorite teacher,” said Lisa DiConsiglio, a regular market volunteer. “At this time, when so many civil servants are being forced to stay home without pay, or to work with no pay, we want to stand up and acknowledge the many ways these people keep our country running.”  Our local farmers, who operate as small businesses, are also affected by the shutdown as they rely heavily on the regular traffic of government employees and restaurants orders.

So, if you are a federal worker, stop by this Sunday at the WFM booth for your free apples. You deserve it!