Popcorn and Prose

Two special events will take place on the plaza area of the Westover Farmers Market this coming Sunday. Capitol Kettle Corn will arrive as a new market vendor, providing several varieties of popcorn for those who love a good salty/sweet treat. Nearby, in front of the Westover Library entrance, the Westover librarian (Shari Henry) along with the librarian from the Aurora Hills branch library (Sarah Daviau) will highlight special library initiatives. One  is Lit Up, a new effort to create  outreach opportunities for “metro renters” (often people in their 20s and 30s) to increase their use of the library. The librarians will be on hand with Lit Up coasters and more information. They will also have available gardening and nutrition books for market customers to check out. For those of you who haven’t joined the library yet, they will also have on-site registration library cards. Popcorn and a few good books to read: doesn’t get much better.  See you Sunday.

August Doldrums

Need some adventure to spice up your August?  We need a few volunteers this weekend to spread the good word about Westover Farmers Market and to help run this Sunday’s raffle.  If you can spare a few hours, please contact us at [email protected].

Farm to Party

Jill, one of our regular market patrons, shared an interesting idea worth passing on: Farm to Party.  Jill writes:

For my birthday I’ve invited friends to celebrate with me at what I’m calling Farm to Party. I will be sourcing the food and drinks locally. Many items will be coming from vendors at the Westover Farmers Market. This party is a way to let my friends know how important I believe it is to eat fresh local natural foods. We’ll have a great time because the food will be fresh and delicious and I’ll have the evening to talk about how much I’ve enjoyed planning the party, in part from getting to know many of the farmers and vendors better. I see this party having a positive impact on my friends, the market vendors, and more. I’m not only educating my friends and supporting my community, I’m also raising funds for a good cause.

In lieu of birthday gifts, my guests can make a donation to the Farmer-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. The FTCLDF (http://www.farmtoconsumer.org/) protects the rights of the nation’s family farms, artisan food producers, consumers and affiliate communities to engage in direct commerce free of interference from federal, state and local government. It protects the rights of farmers and artisan producers to make their products available and the rights of consumers to access the foods of their choice from the source of their choice. I’m excited about my Farm to Party event and the positive impact it will have on others. Everyone should do what they can to support the local farming community and the farmers markets they depend upon.

Thanks Jill!

Have ideas about other ways to tie the farmers market to a party or other event you’re throwing?  Feel free to drop us a line to share your thoughts.