Whoa! It’s Hot!!! Options for Chill

Summer got here fast and with a vengeance. When the ‘Real Feels’ get up to triple digits, its time to look for cool and refreshing options. The two coldest most refreshing, ready to eat items in the market have to be sorbet’s by Ana’s Twist and Gelato by Firenzes Gelato (Bionatfoods LLC). Between the two there are all sorts of frozen tropical flavors and even dairy free options. Find both Ana’s Twist and Firenzes in the fire lane next to the playground.

Try each of Ana’s Sorbets. Flavors include Crazy Green; Blackberry; Passion Fruit; Strawberry – Banana; Watermelon & Lime; or Mojito. She also sell a range of Icy cold juices.

Firenzes has classics like Chocolate; Vanilla; or Strawberry. Then they go off the rails. Have you ever heard of Lucuma? It is a Peruvian fruit that tastes like caramel or butterscotch, yes please. I’ve got Guava in my freezer ready for a taste and I can’t wait to try the coconut.

More Parking!!!

Did you know that there is a parking lot behind the Library? If you want easier parking and are able bodied, there is usually some parking available. From Washington Blvd. turn onto 18th Street, heading behind the library. Then bear right into the parking lot.